Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's been a great couple months for studio upgrades and reconstruction. Charlie took apart the furnace which has served us faithfully for a year and half, and we freshened it up with a new crucible and some fresh insulation. You can see we really got some serious use out of it. Those rocks inside it are glaciers Charlie chopped off the sides where glass had leaked out and mixed with refractory.

He also installed this absolutely beautiful cook stove next to my lathe. This spot is the coldest working area in the building and this puppy is going to keep me going throughout the winter. I'm hoping to get some pizza making skills as well. Many people who saw this stove set up in the showroom had memories of somebody making biscuits in a stove like it, or have a relative who heats their house with one.
We've already gotten good use out of it even though it hasn't been that cold yet I was sweating near it yesterday finishing up some new cups:

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