Sunday, August 10, 2008

heading off to San Francisco:

Here are a few of the peices I'm bring to the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason:

These "saphron" and orange ones shown have a few bubbles that will probably mean I lower the price on them a bit. The White one in front here has a large "sister", they are so minimal.....

I never liked white before...never liked working in clear, and am now I'm enjoying both.

After what feels like a life time of picking bubbles out of molton glass because they are a "flaw" I started including them on purpose. This series celebrates High/Low:
low being the "bubble" an indicator of glass that has not melted perfectly.
high being: cut crystal/glass, done on a lathe, skilled hands etc.
In these pieces the bubble is included on purpose, and the bigger the better! Here I'm exploiting them both as a lense. I particularly like laying them over eachother, so they magnify one another.

I've been really into wabi sabi for the past few years. Wabi Sabi is not about "sloppy" it requires making something perfectly and then including something imperfect intentionally. Wabi Sabi reflects on impermanence, age...being human...

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