Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Open Studio and Show listings:

Open Studio Dec 6th & 7th at Tandem Glass:
Sat 10-4 & Sun 10-3 Our gallery is open to the public
Call for more info: 207-737-2781

We are ( in addition to glass) selling auction tickets for a 26.5 pound Turkey. This lovely bird was raised just down the way from me at The Bridge Farm proceeds Our brave (and cute) Dresden Fire Dept.

Imagine pouring gravy over that bird with this guy:

Down the road: Christmas Cove will be open selling their really great stockings etc.

For those of you in Portland: We are doing the MECA/SEA SHOW
We will be sharing a booth with Ingrid Bathe, a talented ceramicist. I love her work and can't wait to how it looks next to our glass! This show will benefit Maine College of Art, and has about 120 artists.

In Boothbay Harbors Opera House:
Called the "anti-mall experience" This craft show offer food, music and of course great crafts. The building is also really cool.

I think that about wraps it up for shows and open studios! Here is Dresden the weather has been beautiful, and we are still waiting for snow!!!

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