Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tandem Glass FUNdraiser 2016

We are looking out over our first beautiful snowfall this clear and sunny December morning and feeling blessed and VERY excited for this coming Saturday!!!!!!!

See you This Saturday December 10th! noon-7pm

Here is a list of our artists this year:
Nisa Jewelry
SpiralWorks Felt & Leather
Morphee Creations Hand printed cards, linen and wearables
Tim Christensen Pottery
Christine Peters Jewelry
Nick Rossi Knives, Blacksmith

Music in order of appearance:
Steamboat Gypsy (folk)
Twisted Strings (celtic)
Hannah Daman & The Martelle Sisters (vocals, string instruments, original songwriting).

Of course we will be selling our hand blown glass. Come early for any "moody-artist specials"
We are sponsored by Watershed Tavern
Get Updates & learn more about our event and our artists on Tandem Glass's Event page

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yay Summer!!!

The flags went up on our barn the first of June. We will be open all but a few days this summer. The gallery got some love and elbow grease as well and is an even better place to see our glass.

We had our usual month of color work this year making the stripes that go into our work, then weaving those stripes into murrini and canne for the mosaic line. It's always such a great month when we focus on just the color: experimenting and coming up with new shades like this years coral peach:
 Some of this years favorite murrini:

Oxbow and The Watershed Tavern are some of our favorite local spots to get beer. This October we will be part of a statewide Craft tour which includes artist studios and brew pubs.

 We built a wood fired oven last fall out of old studio bricks and refractory. The bricks for the floor came from an old salt fired kiln at our neighbors: Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts and the bricks for the arch came out of our old farmhouse, fired right here in Dresden! They still bear some fingerprints from the folks who made them and a cat's paw print as well.

Monday, June 22, 2015

It was a very snowy winter and cool spring but we are thawed out ! Our flag are up on the barn and the furnace is cooling down. I won't horrify you with pictures of our barn with snow & ice up to the roof line but I will tell you that around January I just left my boots in my snowshoes. Being buried makes staying in the shop and getting lot of work done much easier! We spent almost two months just making color cane and murrini for our work. When it came time to actually blow glass we had a tremendous palette to chose from. These funny little snakes are the trimmed bits from Space Pitchers.

 Many exciting NEW color combinations in the Space Pitchers this year. I always try to hang on to the above trim bits just as a record of what we have made. They are so much fun though I have to throw them into our "mosaic" line..  New shows and galleries. Our web site is constantly being updated so if you cant make it to our showroom then visit our web site to see if we will be near you. We also have a few items on the shopping cart now.

New! "noodle" glasses: Shown here in "butterfly garden" colors. We kept the glass studio lit up and running an extra 3 weeks because kept selling out, and our season hadn't even started. We have very few left and its still just June.

We continue to enlist carpenters, timber framers and structural engineers etc. to discuss our salt box barn with us. It is an amazing salt box timber frame we are proud to have as our shop. 

When life gives you.....eggs?

make chocolate souffle!

We love following the adventures of our fellow craftspeople and in an attempt to reciprocate Terrill has started an instagram account: terrilltandem . Tandem is also on Facebook...Both seem to be an excellent way to share not only commissions and new projects/inspirations but cute animal moments:
as well as the recipe for the above chocolate souffle. Thank You for staying tuned in virtually to our adventures! We hope you'll visit us in real time at our gallery. If you have visited please share your experience with us, or read what others have to say on tripadvisor. Cheers & have a wonderful summer!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happening NOW!
Somehow our third annual studio sale/ fundraiser is happening already! THIS Sat (Nov 29). our first year was good (and fun) our second year was almost 3X as good (and even more fun) so we are trying not to get ahead of ourselves with our hopes and excitement. The beneficiary is again The Good Shepherd Food Bank. You really can't argue with an organization that turns one dollar into 4 meals for folks in need. We are thrilled to have Twisted Strings playing their wonderful Celtic tunes. This year we also have MORE artists:
and of course Tandem Glass
All artists are donating 20% of all sales towards GSFB
Tandem has work that's marked down & all sales online will continue to send 20% to GSFB right up until the New Year. Click here to for Tandem online sales
Thank You Fiddler's Reach! Rob will be donating his This locally produced (yay bees!) mead for the 3rd year in a row. We are big fans and look forward to turning you on the array of what he does. I'm a big fan of his dry mead.  Also up: Funky Bow! This father son team has a great story (including the spinach farmer/mad scientist part). We drink beer in this shop and have really enjoyed what they have got going on here; We are also so thrilled & very thankful to have folks donate their product towards this cause. We Thank you all as well for enthusiasm for our work that makes this possible!!!

Oh, and Terrill is speaking in December ....in front of people in Boston. The Society of Arts and Crafts will be putting on their Holiday show and so in addition to Tandem Glass having a booth Terrill will be showing slides that hopefully elucidate her process. For a coupon to the event stay tuned to tandem's facebook page....

Terrill holding a space pitcher "scrap" meant for mosaic

Friday, October 10, 2014

This Weekend!

Oct 11 & 12
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

                                   A State Wide Craft Tour

This years tour is shaping up to be an awesome event. We have some great neighbors (craft breweries included) who are throwing open their doors. The foliage report  has us just shy of peak season which makes it extra nice timing for hitting the road to see us crafty people in our element. While our studio is down for repairs the gallery is open. Plan your trip by visiting the above link.
Any?'s:  207-737-2781

highly recommended: I'm not even covering everybody close by in the list below,  Botti glass is cheek to jowel with us, literally around the corner, and the others are fantastic not to be missed. Check out the map (link above) to plan your trip. You'll note when you visit a tab in the upper left. click on it and select other venues to get the whole picture of this vast open house tour. We look forward to your visit. Have Fun!!!!
Eben Blaney Furniture
Watershed Ceramics
Botti Glass
swine & stein
Oxbow Brewery
Circle Stones

Monday, July 21, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this pitcher!!!! Off it goes tomorrow to Alabama, sigh. Its so wonderful to see a piece I'm so proud of go to a loving a home. Its almost August and we are having a cool lovely summer. Come see us in the gallery!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whoa Summer!

Somehow summer snuck up on us.  I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I looked at our blog and it was waaaaaaaaaay out of date. I thought I'd better post something quick so you still know we are here! Its been a busy winter and we've got some excellent color and designs in glass we've been playing with. Better to show than to tell:

All sorts of fun with color this year. the murrini shown below look so AMAZING blown out in the work! I need to get some photos up of those....and the new bowls & pitchers.....Maybe just come visit our showroom. We are here! As usual chance or appt.

I've been reading/listening to much about creativity, burnout, time, overwork=overwhelmed=overload recently and want to share this great 2 part video with you: Thank You Jennifer Nielson for posting this!

We recently had a friend and client come into our studio who wanted some work cast. We did our usual preamble discussion with them regarding the process and began working. It was a great day in the shop making something experimental, everyone was giddy and had a great time. We were all excited for future work/play in the shop. Then the client saw ....The product. Suddenly everything shifted. Nothing was right and none of it could be used in a commision. We were all of us deeply disappointed and upset. It made us all reevaluate our expectations, our communications...everything! After copiously mentally belaboring the issue (we had emptied a pot full of glass into sand for nothing...glass we could have used to make our work for days with), we took a break from thinking about it and tried to let it go. Usually this is when a clear overarching understanding can be reached. When you detach and sort of space out seeing things with greater perspective. The perspective that came to me was enlightening and I'm deeply thankful for it. The client had liked a color series I've been working on for over a decade. The series was still out on a table and I looked at it and suddenly thought about how many days, how many years I worked to technically learn how to make the piece. I've literally made hundreds of this encalmo vase, again and again week after week, always at my own expense: rented the shop, paid an assistant, sat on the work till it sold or smashed it because it wasn't right. I've spent thousands of dollars researching the colors. We had for a time a glass that melted with a sort of apricot hue and so I made scarlet colored work and stopped making blues (the pinkish tone turned them into something all wrong). Then we switched to a glass years later with a cool clear tone and went back to blues I had been working with.  I stood there staring at 5 of those vases. They look like just 5 vases. You don't even think behind those 5 vases is decades, thousands of dollars, and all the labor which is physically punishing. You just see something that looks simple and clean..light. 
I never think about my work in terms of years and dollars spent. I think 'can I continue to make it now"..I certainly stress when I'm making work about "paying for the day". I know what a day costs me so I can assign a "value" to the piece...and I know sometimes I won't sell the piece for years.  I keep making work. I'm trying to make sometime just a color or an experiment, and i want to keep going because it just gets better (more interesting) My language and understanding of the medium just gets better.
I really hadn't thought about any of that until we had a client who walked into the shop thinking they could just create their vision immediately, and productively and sell it right away. I'm not faulting them for the urgency because that's real life and like I said I punish myself with it too (I'm a terribly impatient student who tends to curse my faculties in a new medium). Really what I'm trying to say is it gave me a moment to look back over how long it did take me to figure out what I'm doing, and.....I was kind of shocked. I'm still kind of shocked. The client gave me a reference point (based in expectation) that showed me where I exist on a time scale. 
In working out how to have good clear communications with clients so that it is a good experience I decided that next time we host a client in our shop and help them make their designs we will tell them that the shop is billed at time, materials and labor. Most importantly we will tell them they are paying us for process and not product.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Fundraiser Count Down!!!!

Looking for something fun to do with friends and family the Saturday following Thanksgiving?

We are having an Art throw-down/ benefit for the Good Shepherd Food Bank. We have guest artists Tim Christensen and Nisa Smiley selling their work (if your not familiar be excited, be very excited). Watershed Center for Ceramic arts has loaned us their "mud mobile" and so Tim will be doing throwing demonstrations on the wheel. Charlie Jenkins of course is going to be blowing glass.

Watershed will have some of their ceramics here for sale and 100% of those sales go directly to the Center. All other sales are sending 20% to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Twisted Strings is playing again this year!!! Great people playing great celtic music. Last year Rob from Fiddler's Reach busted out bagpipes. He's back this year with our friend from fledgling brewery Bear Bones Beer. This brewing duo create some very complicated and new to your palette beers. I havent' even mentioned Gryphon Ridge Spice Co. or  Cara Romano Felted jewelry. In fact there is just a great deal to keep up with this year. Writing the press release was really complicated! Between getting orders our and posting photos of our guest work I haven't even mentioned what weve been up too. oh well,

Here's what you need to know:

While it is the anti-shopping experience you may end up purchasing some super lovely, one of a kind creation for a dear one, and if you use an American Express card you'll get a 10$ statement credit.
Its a potluck! I think Gryphon Ridge is bringing chili (you've been alerted. Her chili has won prizes).

We hope you can join us!!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Studio Happenings.......

Fall is one of my favorite times to be in Maine. I just checked the fall foliage report and our area is just getting going, farther North is now nearing peak color. It should be a gorgeous month. It's a terrific time to tour Maine and most exciting for me is the realization of a pet project: an online interactive studio tour map! Part of American Craft Week this tour has over 80 artists opening their doors. We are looking forward to seeing visitors this Saturday, October 5th, and also visiting some of our neighbors many of whom are quite close making it easy to see many artists without traveling far.
Other exciting developments are around our 2nd annual studio fundraiser. Last year our benefit for Maine Craft Association was so successful that we are doing it again. This years benefit goes to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. With over two months lead time Guest artists, and Watershed Ceramic Arts Mud Mobile already lined up we are feeling very inspired.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Recent Etched Glass Work:

It's been a busy summer. Soon we will be lighting up the studio and blowing glass again (call for schedule). In the meantime our gallery is open and we still have some great hand blown glass on the pedestals! As things thin out though and we get ready to apply for next years show there is pressure to finish up any work which is still in the cold shop (The cold shop is were we etch and polish glass). It's a great place to be because it is cool. It is not as exciting as blowing glass, but blowing glass in Maine , in the summer? It's humid! so we adapt. We go to shows (tomorrow Falmouth Me. Audubon Show). From there the list dwindles. it is getting to be that time of the year where we are running low on work and it's time to get back in the studio. We arent' there yet ! so check our show schedule. New this year for us is Laudholm. This year will be our fifth year at the Common Ground Fair....
We hope to catch up with you either here or there!
#handblownglass #glassart #madeinmaine #studiogallery

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coming Up Chautauqua New York Craft Alliance show! Besides Craft Boston Holiday this will be our only out of state show this year. Our Gallery in Maine will be open although we aren't blowing glass till November

Friday, July 19, 2013

This weekend We have our gallery open,  I'll be slicing up these lovely custard saffron discs on our tile saw.

Which is why you'll see "honk for entry" on our front door. It's so I know your there when you visit! don't want to miss a visitor if we are running loud equipment, off in the garden  or on the phone. Its our doorbell!
If you are a fan of driving "the back-roads" you've seen similar signs on the doors of little shops & galleries:
                                                 this one is from sweetgrass winery in Union. 
Speaking of driving the back roads for great studio visits Maine Craft Association is getting a tour ready to celebrate American Craft week and has begun populating a map with area artists and craftspeople. I'm hugely excited about the interactive map function!               Check it out:  Maine Craft Saturday
We are also in Blue Hill with some great friends and excellent craft people. at the Blue Hill fine Craft Show
                                       We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!

Friday, July 12, 2013

This weekend we will be in Belfast doing Arts in the Park We are also in our studio showroom. The studio is off for the summer which means it MUCH COOLER in our studio than when we are glass-blowing !
We are usually open by chance or appointment. Ive been seeing some really funny signs at local vineyards, farms and back road galleries. The sign on our door says "honk for entry" and this works great. One of our neighbors has a walkie talkie hanging from their door so you can page them when they are out in the fields. Our neighbors Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts is having their fantastic fundraiser/sale "Salad Days" this weekend. So if your passing through the mid-coast region come on by!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hand Made, Maker, Craft, What does it all mean? A well crafted life...

We recently wrapped up our first show of the summer with the Maine Craft Guild. We got to see many of our favorite craft artists and friends. I was passing out info for Maine Craft Association's license plate project

It's always hard to "pitch" or request support from people even when the cause is so near and dear, however as the day went on everyone was thrilled to have a chance to show their support for Maine's crafts people by sporting the plate on their bumper. It was so touching, reaffirming, and....then really exciting to have collectors and appreciators eagerly grab a few flyers. In our time in studios (some 20 years now) we've seen big shifts in where and how work is made. We had so many interesting discussions this weekend with fellow artists about the future of craft, the identity of "craft" and demands on artists. I even had a tense (unpleasant and upsetting) conversation with a gallery owner who got mad because we couldn't fill an order for her gallery immediately. The debacle brought up what is most challenging (and ironically defining about) craftspeople: We don't make very much work, It takes time, (health, money,luck,and stamina)...To produce something inspired, thoughtful, and unique enough to pass on through generations. All of these demands must be balanced, not just well, but artfully. Essentially in the end the art becomes not just the day to day work but balancing all these things: managing a business,...staying inspired, staying in the studio, and not just for years, but for decades.... I told so many people thank you this weekend: Thank You for your appreciation, for your support.  We have been in Maine for 7 years, and in another 7 years I'll move into my 3rd decade of making  glass work, Were it not for our collectors and the supporters of what we do I would have stopped long ago. Even though earning a living is vital to continued work, it' connection: Making something that is part of a long term vision and finding that someone with an eye connects and appreciates it. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Maine Craft Guild show this weekend!

This will be one of the few weekends this year where we won't be able to greet people at our studio gallery. Not to worry though because we will be close by in Damariscotta with 27 other craft artists. We are bringing some of the most beautiful space pitchers that we have made!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer in Maine: Tandem Glass Gallery is OPEN!

Show season is officially upon us. We just turned the studio off last week and then went to a great glass conference in Boston at NOCA.  We caught up with some friends and watched A LOT of glassblowing! Some amazing skill and imagination. Now we are back in the Studio and sweetening up the gallery with our recent creations. Come visit!

The showroom is open by chance or appointment, give us a call if your planning a visit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Studio Happenings:

Thanks Center for Maine Contemporary Art for the mention in your blog! If your interested in more than a virtual visit we are having an open house this coming Saturday: April 27 from 2-7 . Its potluck style and while you'll be able to snag a great deal on a beautiful wedding gift (or something for Mom), its really about chillin with friends and neighbors. Charlie did some sand casting with Paul Marioni recently at Pilchuck so he's been inspired to get back into that and built a mold station and we will be doing sand casting demos from 2-5. 
Check out our recently semi-updated website for details...........www.tandemglass.com

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The first day of spring has just passed and today it rained! People seem to be thawing out as well and we've had an influx of visitors. We are happy to have donated work to the Augusta Maine State Museum, the Maine Center for Craft in Gardiner and the Skidompha" Heartwood Theatre Fundraiser Auctions. This weather reminds us that our days with the studio on are coming to a close. Soon it will be too humid (and we'll be doing shows) so we will shut the furnace off. In the meantime however we are getting as much as we can done leading up to our show at Crafts Boston in April. We've also got a number of studio tours scheduled for folks interested in how a glass shop operates. Give us a call if you'd like to join! Otherwise we continue to be open to interested visitors by chance or appointment. That will change as well as things warm up we will go to more regular hours (still good to check in just to make sure if your planning a special trip). 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Open Studio & Maine Craft Association Fundraiser

We hope you'll join us December 1st  from 4:00 pm-8:00 pm for our holiday open studio. This years event is special because 20% of all sales will go to benefit Maine Craft Association.    M.C.A.  creates opportunity for craftspeople and builds Maine's creative economy. This winter as things got chilly and we turned on our shop and got back to work we celebrate being self employed doing what we love. This will be our 6th year blowing glass in Maine ! M.C.A.'s programs aspire to make the dream of sustaining ourselves creating unique work possible not just for us but for 515 other professional members. 
We are grateful to them and also to Fiddler's Reach, Baxter Brewery, and Savage Oakes Vineyard


who are serving locally made mead and wine for the event. Purchase a mosaic glass (specially priced at 25$) to enter the tasting.

We have other great gift items for sale, Fiddle Band Michele Roy & Will West, aka Twisted Strings will provide live music,  glass-blowing demonstrations from 4-5:30. There will be a raffle that include one of the items made during the demonstration.

We hope you'll join us!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leaf Peepers !

October has been a beautiful month here in Maine.  Its getting crisp outside and we've had a few cozy nights with a fire which means: It's time to fire up the studio!  We've had an epic 5 months with the glass studio down this year.  This month has been all about resting (mushroom hunting),  gearing up the shop and getting a palette together for fall orders. I'm trying to spend more time on the lathe, but mostly I've been destroying a crappy blade on my saw (just got a really fine fresh one for glass to replace it with) by doing mosaic tile work .....
taken out behind the shop. We refer to this as "pond-gazing"...

There has been plenty of moisture this fall and so it's proving to be an excellent leaf peeper season. According to the foliage report northern Maine has full color right now, and leaves are only just starting to drop in our area. If your just heading out on your tour right now, Midcoast is on the verge of full color. These next couple weeks should prove to be fantastic. If you time it right you'll not only get a glass blowing demonstration out of us (please call in advance), but you can also check out the pumpkin regatta in Damariscotta. If however you are reading this post in November.....Don't feel bad! this photo

was taken last winter of the river in front of our place after the leaves had dropped........................

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer is flying by faster than ever this year. We wrapped up our last show this past weekend in Bar Harbor and Maine's awesome country fair  Common Ground is still a month away, Plenty of time to garden,  work in the studio and soak up time "pond-gazing" .   If you live in Maine, or have every spent any time here you know how serious we are about our food.  This year our garden is really going strong , I've gotten in a couple attempts at making chevre (mostly successful!), Lobster is cheap, our neighbors are having a pig roast. Charlie is out right now searching for mushrooms....
What can I say? It's humid and I'm not missing blowing glass at all! Occasionally there is a little inkling of an idea that starts bubbling away in my brain, but its pretty fleeting. Now is the time to enjoy people coming into the glass gallery , family and friends. Seasonal is Good!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Space Pitchers ....

 I just realized I promised pictures of these back in June, whoops! well, here they are:

The colors are unique and different on them all...And of course if your not familiar with this great design they are totally functional and pour beautifully. I have been having fun photographing them as they remind me of a school of fish. If you can't make it to one of our shows , they are for sale at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, and the Society of Arts and Craft on Newbury St. in Boston...

speaking of enjoying photography, I've been getting up early to beat the heat. This morning at 8:00 the light was absolutely perfect  to capture this great group which I'm putting together for a collector......

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yes! We are open. We had a very productive winter and have some really exciting work to show you.
Maine hand blown glass

Charlie and I took the "Tandem" approach to the space pitchers this winter with me on color and him on form. As soon as he signs them I'll get some photos up (promise!)..the colors are really different than anything we've done before. Similar to what we did when we first started making them together 14 years ago.
The winter was really mild. We heated our house with wood alone, and spring kicked in early and extra hot. It wasn't until we turned the studio off for the summer that we got rain and cooler weather (of course).

So as I write this we've gotten a start on the gardens and are getting into our summer schedule : Wake up early, garden till it's too hot then flee into the "coldworking" studio where we cut & polish the glass.
Speaking of which, if you haven't visited our showroom lately we have a mortar and pestle that Charlie designed that are beautiful, functional and unique. What else to tell you? Our work is now carried at the Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury St. in Boston.  Portland Museum of Art 's crew visited our studio in April and now carry the slinky vase and the space pitchers as well as our cups and carafe . We thank our friends at Sweetbay in Boothbay harbor who have a terrific representation of our glasses. They asked us to produce something special for them: turquoise and white and the results are so....ocean-y . So the point of all this good news is we have a great selection of our work right now.  We wonder every year if we will have enough work to make it till fall arrives and cools things down a bit making it more comfortable to blow glass. This year it's feeling iffy. Come visit us soon for the best choice of pieces !
hand blown glass terrill
Last year we managed to stay shut off till late October and it was heavenly. Maine is absolutely fantastic in the "off season". With October unseasonably warm we headed off for a long weekend on Vinalhaven. Friends visited from California and while we made sure they had long johns we all spent the weekend in shorts and tank tops enjoying what felt like August. I always feel extra sneaky somehow getting all the good weather after the tourists have left.
Charlie and I also attended Maine Craft Association 's weekend at Haystack. Haystack has these weekends at the beginning and end of their summer class schedule and at 3.5 days they are like an "artcation" I love doing there that I have never done before and this year it was Nuno felting with the awesome Terri Pike and here fabulous assistant Jackie. They were an amazing duo. Charlie took Blacksmithing...All in all a good respite. I think after six years we may be getting settled....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring time?

This time of year finds me in a bit of a panic. There is excitement starting to percolate for spring and summer, and then anxiety about running out of time to make work. Winter has been a great time to dig in and devote ourselves to blowing glass. We are making work that we are really excited about....and there is still more time before weather starts to heat up, getting too sweaty and uncomfortable to blow glass, and we turn the studio off for the season.  I really shouldn't panic.  We still have mud season on the horizon and as I write there is a fresh dusting of snow everywhere....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

tis the season

Happy Holidays All! They are upon us. This year we actually made ornaments and are really pleased with how they have been coming out. Charlie refused to make something round and instead came up with this:
The way the one on the right looks reminds me so much of the cartoon whale shape from my kids books growing up that if we have time I think I need to try making a whale. At any rate they really got us thinking about other ornaments we'd like to do.     Stay tuned! 

This is our new Opaline snowball ornament! This color is so pretty with all the pink and gold highlights typical of a nice opal.  Order the ornaments below via our etsy shop and get free shipping (code: freeshipping)....
Speaking of lovely white opals, I've been getting a palette together for an all white mosaic cup group...
So check in with us again soon, or better yet come see us! Blue Hill Winter Faire is coming up next weekend, and the Craft Boston is the second weekend in dec.  Wherever you are this time of year we hope you are enjoying the holidays.