Monday, February 21, 2011

color & light

As someone who frequently takes photos of our work here in the studio I'm astounded by my father's take on this recent group of work. He's been a photographer for many years and I'm really amazed when I see his work (as an artist) by what devotion to a single medium can allow a person in the way of expression.
These cups shown above are a limited edition, part of a teal and emerald palette mix I'm doing in limited edition (thus far there are two groups of four completed). The limited edition groups of these palette mixes are something I intend to continue. We did a white group that went to the last Craft Boston show, and I've done a cobalt group that went (as a large set complete with two bowls and a decanter) to our neighbors here in Dresden (via the the Brunswick Farmer's Market).
The range of colors that we have to work with are astounding. Some of the larger works that I create are just too slow and cumbersome . It takes forever to develop the colors...but the cups are great because they are like quick sketches. Satisfying because they feel good in the hand, infinitley useful and delightful in their quirkiness. They are what we aspire to most as "producers": Unique! (all of them)... As their maker this makes them a great vehicle for expression.
We will have this set available at the upcoming Crafts Boston Show this spring. Hope to see you there!


George Waldman said...

just read this again. Good words, and ideas!,

James Curtis said...

Visited again your blog, I admire your ideas and art about sea Frosted Glass