Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yes! We are open. We had a very productive winter and have some really exciting work to show you.
Maine hand blown glass

Charlie and I took the "Tandem" approach to the space pitchers this winter with me on color and him on form. As soon as he signs them I'll get some photos up (promise!)..the colors are really different than anything we've done before. Similar to what we did when we first started making them together 14 years ago.
The winter was really mild. We heated our house with wood alone, and spring kicked in early and extra hot. It wasn't until we turned the studio off for the summer that we got rain and cooler weather (of course).

So as I write this we've gotten a start on the gardens and are getting into our summer schedule : Wake up early, garden till it's too hot then flee into the "coldworking" studio where we cut & polish the glass.
Speaking of which, if you haven't visited our showroom lately we have a mortar and pestle that Charlie designed that are beautiful, functional and unique. What else to tell you? Our work is now carried at the Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury St. in Boston.  Portland Museum of Art 's crew visited our studio in April and now carry the slinky vase and the space pitchers as well as our cups and carafe . We thank our friends at Sweetbay in Boothbay harbor who have a terrific representation of our glasses. They asked us to produce something special for them: turquoise and white and the results are so....ocean-y . So the point of all this good news is we have a great selection of our work right now.  We wonder every year if we will have enough work to make it till fall arrives and cools things down a bit making it more comfortable to blow glass. This year it's feeling iffy. Come visit us soon for the best choice of pieces !
hand blown glass terrill
Last year we managed to stay shut off till late October and it was heavenly. Maine is absolutely fantastic in the "off season". With October unseasonably warm we headed off for a long weekend on Vinalhaven. Friends visited from California and while we made sure they had long johns we all spent the weekend in shorts and tank tops enjoying what felt like August. I always feel extra sneaky somehow getting all the good weather after the tourists have left.
Charlie and I also attended Maine Craft Association 's weekend at Haystack. Haystack has these weekends at the beginning and end of their summer class schedule and at 3.5 days they are like an "artcation" I love doing there that I have never done before and this year it was Nuno felting with the awesome Terri Pike and here fabulous assistant Jackie. They were an amazing duo. Charlie took Blacksmithing...All in all a good respite. I think after six years we may be getting settled....

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