Sunday, November 27, 2011

tis the season

Happy Holidays All! They are upon us. This year we actually made ornaments and are really pleased with how they have been coming out. Charlie refused to make something round and instead came up with this:
The way the one on the right looks reminds me so much of the cartoon whale shape from my kids books growing up that if we have time I think I need to try making a whale. At any rate they really got us thinking about other ornaments we'd like to do.     Stay tuned! 

This is our new Opaline snowball ornament! This color is so pretty with all the pink and gold highlights typical of a nice opal.  Order the ornaments below via our etsy shop and get free shipping (code: freeshipping)....
Speaking of lovely white opals, I've been getting a palette together for an all white mosaic cup group...
So check in with us again soon, or better yet come see us! Blue Hill Winter Faire is coming up next weekend, and the Craft Boston is the second weekend in dec.  Wherever you are this time of year we hope you are enjoying the holidays.

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