Monday, June 22, 2015

It was a very snowy winter and cool spring but we are thawed out ! Our flag are up on the barn and the furnace is cooling down. I won't horrify you with pictures of our barn with snow & ice up to the roof line but I will tell you that around January I just left my boots in my snowshoes. Being buried makes staying in the shop and getting lot of work done much easier! We spent almost two months just making color cane and murrini for our work. When it came time to actually blow glass we had a tremendous palette to chose from. These funny little snakes are the trimmed bits from Space Pitchers.

 Many exciting NEW color combinations in the Space Pitchers this year. I always try to hang on to the above trim bits just as a record of what we have made. They are so much fun though I have to throw them into our "mosaic" line..  New shows and galleries. Our web site is constantly being updated so if you cant make it to our showroom then visit our web site to see if we will be near you. We also have a few items on the shopping cart now.

New! "noodle" glasses: Shown here in "butterfly garden" colors. We kept the glass studio lit up and running an extra 3 weeks because kept selling out, and our season hadn't even started. We have very few left and its still just June.

We continue to enlist carpenters, timber framers and structural engineers etc. to discuss our salt box barn with us. It is an amazing salt box timber frame we are proud to have as our shop. 

When life gives you.....eggs?

make chocolate souffle!

We love following the adventures of our fellow craftspeople and in an attempt to reciprocate Terrill has started an instagram account: terrilltandem . Tandem is also on Facebook...Both seem to be an excellent way to share not only commissions and new projects/inspirations but cute animal moments:
as well as the recipe for the above chocolate souffle. Thank You for staying tuned in virtually to our adventures! We hope you'll visit us in real time at our gallery. If you have visited please share your experience with us, or read what others have to say on tripadvisor. Cheers & have a wonderful summer!!!!

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