Friday, July 19, 2013

This weekend We have our gallery open,  I'll be slicing up these lovely custard saffron discs on our tile saw.

Which is why you'll see "honk for entry" on our front door. It's so I know your there when you visit! don't want to miss a visitor if we are running loud equipment, off in the garden  or on the phone. Its our doorbell!
If you are a fan of driving "the back-roads" you've seen similar signs on the doors of little shops & galleries:
                                                 this one is from sweetgrass winery in Union. 
Speaking of driving the back roads for great studio visits Maine Craft Association is getting a tour ready to celebrate American Craft week and has begun populating a map with area artists and craftspeople. I'm hugely excited about the interactive map function!               Check it out:  Maine Craft Saturday
We are also in Blue Hill with some great friends and excellent craft people. at the Blue Hill fine Craft Show
                                       We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!

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