Monday, July 8, 2013

Hand Made, Maker, Craft, What does it all mean? A well crafted life...

We recently wrapped up our first show of the summer with the Maine Craft Guild. We got to see many of our favorite craft artists and friends. I was passing out info for Maine Craft Association's license plate project

It's always hard to "pitch" or request support from people even when the cause is so near and dear, however as the day went on everyone was thrilled to have a chance to show their support for Maine's crafts people by sporting the plate on their bumper. It was so touching, reaffirming, and....then really exciting to have collectors and appreciators eagerly grab a few flyers. In our time in studios (some 20 years now) we've seen big shifts in where and how work is made. We had so many interesting discussions this weekend with fellow artists about the future of craft, the identity of "craft" and demands on artists. I even had a tense (unpleasant and upsetting) conversation with a gallery owner who got mad because we couldn't fill an order for her gallery immediately. The debacle brought up what is most challenging (and ironically defining about) craftspeople: We don't make very much work, It takes time, (health, money,luck,and stamina)...To produce something inspired, thoughtful, and unique enough to pass on through generations. All of these demands must be balanced, not just well, but artfully. Essentially in the end the art becomes not just the day to day work but balancing all these things: managing a business,...staying inspired, staying in the studio, and not just for years, but for decades.... I told so many people thank you this weekend: Thank You for your appreciation, for your support.  We have been in Maine for 7 years, and in another 7 years I'll move into my 3rd decade of making  glass work, Were it not for our collectors and the supporters of what we do I would have stopped long ago. Even though earning a living is vital to continued work, it' connection: Making something that is part of a long term vision and finding that someone with an eye connects and appreciates it. 

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MayFlowerMama said...

You are "inspired, thoughtful, and unique", Terrill. I am filled with gratitude just knowing that you and Charlie are doing what you love for the people who love your work, and you!