Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adorable right?

We made this custom cookie jar for a neighbor in Richmond last year. His wife has a thing for snowmen and so he had us make this for her. Charlie and I made it together and there was a lot of debate: top hat? or wool cap? We compromised (as usual) by doing both (go tandem!), operating under the theory that accessories are fabulous.

Other studio news is our devoted wet saw used for cutting all manner of glass around the shop finally bit it. I bought it ...12 years ago in California for less than 100$ so it served us very well. We tried going out and getting another one similar, and it met it's demise after only two uses. We took this as a message to scale up to something really comfortable and nice to work with Hello: more amps and horsepower....
 So we are awaiting a new dewalt! Woo Hoo!
Other points of interest are our upcoming trunk show at the Portland Museum of Art on Nov 25th (stay tuned to our facebook page for images of work we will be bringing), a show to benefit the Bay School in Blue Hill Maine , and of course one of our favorites: The Society of Arts and Crafts show at the Cyclorama ( i love this building. Originally built to house a painting it has amazing light, and more amazing history).
 We are back at the Brunswick Winter Market this year, and came home from it's opening day this past sat. with fresh lilies, amazing cheese, veggies, a pear galette....I could go on but I'd need to get a second lunch.
Hope this post finds you well, and that we get to see you at an upcoming event!

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