Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is here...

Summer flew by this year marked by many fun visits with fabulous people here in Maine. One suprise was a visit to our Booth by non-other than Martha Stewart. I have to admit to being a bit dumbstruck by the whole event. Celebrity sighting usually render me mute and the lead up to her appearance was heightened by an excited and constant hum: "Martha Martha Martha". When she did appear I was content to simply watch her enjoy our work, She even mentioned us with nice photos (#22 & #23) on her blog! This epic event was right after bumping into Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs in my favorite coffee shop The Second Read. I managed to actually speak to him which is just about as epic as the actual sighting. He's a super nice guy! He had just done a show at Fenton Glass so my chance at that bit of spotlight was eclipsed. I'm sort of alright with this because I'm not sure how I'd feel about being filmed....At least that's what I'm telling myself.
It's also been a summer of many friend sightings. Newly back from the Common Ground fair we are happy and exhausted, inspired and ready to light up the studio and get back into the shop. Somehow because it's not September anymore its Christmas. How does that work? We have many sketches of new designs, and so somehow the time in the shop already seems too short. We hope to catch up with you at one of our shows or here at the shop.
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