Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summah Time!

If you haven't been by out studio yet this year we are looking forward to your visit. There has been alot of activity since last year and we are very pleased to share our work with you in this newly opened up space

That's our friend Chris Wagner who has been one of many friends to lend a helping hand to us in all stages of the renovation. Here you can see him with Charlie installing the new front door.
In recent news we easily made it through a very mild winter. Ice fishing was new for us this year. Mostly we got to know more of our neighbors who turn out to be amazing beer brewers and mead makers. I went on a Pad Thai making bender that resulted finally in Locally available (neighbors, garden, fridge) version that I hope to repeat intentionally at a later date. Fiddlehead season is sadly winding down...So I may have to wait a year.

Tandem Pad Thai
In a pan mix 1/4 fish sauce, 1/4 tamarind, 1/4 rice wine vinegar, 1/4 honey (1/4 of the overall amount you desire)
Get some Black Bean Tempeh from Lalibela Farm and pan fry so it's toasty...drizzle w/ tahini
In a seperate pan stir fry garlic, scallions and fiddleheads in walnut oil
add heat...peppers... whatever.
when fiddleheads are getting softer toss in a couple eggs (get eggs from neighbors who mostly let them free range. You'll know from the color of the yolk). Scramble
Add rice noodles. they should be slightly undercooked at this time or you get glop quick.
Toast some walnuts and chop up some lemon balm for garnish (instead of the usual peanut and cilantro).
At this time pour in the sauce and toss in the tempeh. Serve w/ garnish (I was out of lime when I did this.....but hey you could try that.....I might experiment with some fresh squeezed orange juice. The flavor of the tamarind with the walnut and black bean is sooooo rich and yummy, and with the fiddlehead it's great. If you try this or some riff based on what you've got locally available I want to hear about it!

Next up for experiments are anise hyssop mojitos...or rhubarb margaritas whatever comes first.

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