Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AHHHH! Holiday!

This time of year as all the madness of the year comes to a close, and time with family and friends fills our schedule we here at the studio are patting ourselves on the back and letting out sighs of relief. Winter finally has us in her grip and when we arent' keeping warm in front of the studio equiptment we get to burn fires in the wood stove. We are anticipating a winter hunkering down to make work. January promises a visit from the staff at Maine Crafts Association for their staff party. We are encouraging them to don their finest flame retardant cocktail gear (wear?) and bring all their ideas for a collaborative piece. In Febuary we will celebrate our 3 year anniversary in Dresden Mills Maine ! This little town on the Eastern River is full of some great characters, most of whom have embraced us and become very good friends. We are hoping to take advantage of our spot on the river to build an ice fishing shack. This is one of the great winter pastimes that folks here look forward to. It is unclear if catching fish is the intention of this past time: spending time in these sheds on the ice, or just a positive side effect. An incident that increases in likely hood the more time you spend drinking and dangling a line in the water. In any case it's all pleasant, and therefore needs no more critical thought. We can't hibernate forever though and come spring we will be doing the Crafts Boston Show (april 10th). Until then however if you are feeling chilled (or just interested in what we are up to) stop by and soak up some heat!

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AaronandNiki said...

I hope to stop by soon!