Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goodbye Door!




We are So Excited to be tearing out this old door! One of our many recent trips to the Building Materials Exchange yielded this glass double door. It has seen some weather, but it was in good enough shape. I roughed it up a bit with an orbital sander and put a fresh coat of "dill pickle" on it. ..Can't wait till we've fined it out completely.

As I write I'm trying to anticipate all that I should accomplish this weekend. We are about to dive into show season and will be doing shows in Freeport, Northport, and Out of state even!: New Hampshire
Nov. 20-22 nd The Artful Gift Lookout Show (look-out!) In Northport Me.
This is a great group of artists and there is an opening night gala event to benefit local charity.

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