Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I had a really great experience last night speaking at Frontier in Brunswick, Me. Publicity for the show featured a picture George Waldman took of me working. This is a great image that is really important in our promotion packet. It's just as important for people to get to know the artist and see them working as it is to see what their working on. The talk was on e~commerce and there were 4 artists total. It was put on by the Five Rivers Art Alliance, and intended to familiarize people with how artists are promoting their work on the web. We spoke about "blogging", sites that sell our work in addition to web sites.

I'll be doing it again for Maine Craft Association :

Please call them should have any questions. Their number + email are just above in the flyer. Having more than one artist speak about how they handle online marketing was a great aspect of the talk. I'm thinking of having a follow up talk at my studio where people can get together to discuss how to set up blogs...Stay Tuned!

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Selkie said...

I was there, and it was really helpful and informative. Can't wait to get my website up and running now! I hadn't thought of a blog as an important element, but am now. Thanks!
PS I also am looking forward to visiting your studio if possible. I dragged my kids around to hot glass shops years ago, watched one son play with hot glass for awhile, and now collect the stuff.... Inspiring!