Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm excited to show off these lights I just designed for a local restaurant . Henry & Marty's (now owned by Paul & Aaron) is in Brunswick Maine. Charlie and I stopped in last night to see the lights and have some dinner.

This is my favorite of the lights. It's a totally new design for me, and also a new way of working. After seeing them lamped I can't wait to get back into the studio and make more!!!
The inspiration here is from weaving. there is alot of layering of colors. I think it must be having my Mom close by again (she is a weaver). These pieces really remind me of pajamas. Mom does alot of rag rug weaving with whatever scraps are available. Sometimes favorite items were made "available" to her when they went to the laundry. You throw your clothes in the hamper one day, and the next week your sitting down to dinner, and Dad is looking at the place-mats (Mom makes great place-mats), and saying "Hey! those are my favorite pair of pajamas!"
There were a few of these that were studio casualties, and (in the spirit of the rag rug) they were broken into shards and recycled into mosaic cups. All the pattern is there and the softness of the color right there in your hand, I think I'll put a set of them up on etsy....

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